At Cedar Pearl Dentistry we offer the latest smile-enhancing treatments from Teeth Whitening, composite fillings, crown and bridge, veneers, tooth contouring & shaping and dental implant restorations. We are also pleased to offer our patients accessibility to full porcelain dentures and additional cosmetic options for crown and bridge.

We specialize in veneers and full porcelain dentures. Cedar Pearl also provides resurfacing services. There are a lot of procedures in cosmetic dentistry that could help you and make your smile more beautiful and pleasing. We will take the time to listen to you at your first appointment. You can expect a “get to know you” approach to our relationship and we want to treat you like our own family. This helps develop natural confidence before undergoing any treatment with our office.

Cosmetic dentistry is basically about reshaping or reconstructing the teeth to make them straighter and the natural smile look better. But cosmetic dentistry is not only just about the aesthetic appeal that some people might think, it’s also the overall improvement of the jaw, your bite, gum problems, and overall teeth problems. Cosmetic Dentistry’s effects not only make your teeth straighter, but also can change the appearance of your overall smile and face. Whatever you choose for your dental goals, Cedar Pearl Dentistry can help take your smile from ordinary to extraordinary in just a short time.


Veneers are a thin layer of porcelain that goes over your teeth that can make your teeth look straight and cover any stains or discoloration. We will custom match the shade of veneers to that of your teeth or help you choose a shade that will best fit your smile. Below is a case where natural looking veneers were placed to match the existing teeth in the patient's mouth.


All porcelain crowns cover your whole tooth. They can make your teeth look straight and they can cover stains. We will custom match the shade of all porcelain crowns to that of your teeth. The all-porcelain crown can be made to match the light transmitting properties of natural teeth and will not stain or change color.