Dental Instruments

At Cedar Pearl Dentistry, we care for patients as if they were our own family, so we know that as your family grows, your dental needs change. You can trust us and trust is important when choosing a family dentist for you and your family members. We want to be here to take care of you across your lifetime, not just when a problem arises. We are well prepared and take a very proactive approach to care for routine dental needs from hygiene wellness, periodontal therapy, to dental restorations, such as dental fillings. Our philosophy is centered on prevention. Preventing decay is the best way to protect your oral health. If you keep decay from starting, you won't need filings and you’ll save money.

Preventative Treatment

To maintain good oral health and a great smile, regular visits to your dentist are necessary. Patients with a holistic approach to preventive care schedule these visits at least twice a year to minimize potential problems. With regular visits to your provider and a good home care program, you can keep your smile beautiful and healthy for years to come!

Routine Cleanings

Routine cleanings are an important part of your preventive care. We’re here to help our patients maintain the highest level of dental health. Scheduled cleanings remove plaque and buildup that regular brushing may not be able to get to. Periodic exams can identify any potential problems that might otherwise go undetected. Routine cleanings by our staff, in addition to your personal home hygiene program, are the best defense against problems later.


A full set of x-rays is the first step in a comprehensive exam. The X-rays will show the Team any potential problems such as cavities, worn out fillings or crowns or receding bone lines. We take every precaution with our radiography, utilizing the lowest effective radiation levels. That’s why we are proud to offer the latest technology, including digital x-rays and diagnostic intra-oral cameras to document your family’s evolving dental health.